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ADHD Symptoms In Children

When asked to depict a child with ADHD, many people would portray a little boy who jumps on things, is impatient and doesn’t do what he is told.

Others would portray a little girl with lots of friends, who endeavors to get good grades.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) signs in a child fall into two groups.

1. Inattentive Symptoms

This means that a child:

  • Avoids tasks that require a lot of mental effort like schoolwork or homework
  • Doesn’t seem to listen when addressed
  • Has trouble getting things in order or doing things on time
  • Often loses things like schoolwork, pencils, books, wallets, keys or mobile phones.
  • Doesn’t pay close attention to details and makes ‘careless’ mistakes
  • Has difficulty following instructions and finishing tasks like homework or chores
  • Has difficulty keeping attention on things and is easily distracted
  • Is often distracted by little things
  • Has trouble remembering everyday things


ADHD Symptoms In Children Cont’d


2. Hyperactive and impulsive symptoms

This means that a child:

  • Fidgets a lot and can’t sit still
  • Runs around and climbs on things in inappropriate situations
  • Is on the go all the time
  • Finds it hard to play or take part in activities quietly
  • Talks a lot
  • Has difficulty staying seated at school or the dinner table
  • Is impatient and doesn’t wait for a turn
  • Blurts out answers before questions are finished
  • Interrupts other people’s conversations or games or uses things without asking.

If you recognize the signs of ADHD in your child and the symptoms persistently disrupt life for at least 6 months, he or she may be dealing with ADHD.

Contact your medical health-care professional for a diagnosis.

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